Due Diligence

Conducting due diligence research of an opposing party in litigation, a potential client in a personal injury case or an investor in a business deal is nothing more than good business.

In the world of social media, sophisticated copying machines and software, it is easier than ever to either create a false identity or alter and “pump up” your credentials and financials.

Many business deals go bad because at the last minute, it is discovered that one of the participants has misrepresented his or her background. Attorneys, after spending thousands of dollars and numerous hours on a personal injury suit can find that their client has not told them the truth.

due diligince.jpg

The time to start due diligence is at the beginning of a case, before you and your client have invested a lot of money and energy putting a strategy or a deal together

Each investigation is unique and should be tailored to the individual matter. The investigation involves more that just a Google search or Lexis/Nexis search.

Leave it to the professionals. Don’t get surprised.

Posted on November 7, 2018 .