Criminal Defense and Civil Investigations

Our team has vast knowledge and experience in criminal defense investigations, including death penalty cases. Going far beyond basic investigative services, our investigators strategize with the attorney on the best course of action for the investigation, and ultimately the case. Our team has worked on cases nationwide in both state and federal courts, and continues to support attorneys engaged in the practice of criminal defense.

For civil cases, we locate and interview witnesses at various stages in the case. Often, witnesses are interviewed pre-filing, allowing counsel to assess the value and validity of a claim. Proprietary databases and other search methods are used to locate hard-to-find witnesses and information. We've worked with both plaintiffs and defense counsel.

Internal Investigations

We provide investigative services to companies and organizations experiencing internal problems ranging from allegations of employee dishonesty, to non-compete issues, to sexual harassment. Our investigators bring a third-party perspective to the case, assuring those affected that a neutral investigator is conducting the investigation.

Digital Forensics

Digital information plays a prominent role in a wide variety of investigations and legal proceedings today. Members of our team have worked cases involving intellectual property theft, cyber-stalking, employee harassment, pornography, homicide, financial fraud, malware and spyware, data breaches, sexual assault, and forged documents.

Difficult Service of Process

Our team has a track record of serving papers when every other effort has failed. We have connections around the country to benefit our clients in having their papers served in a timely manner. We are not routine process servers. Often times, difficult service of process also involves surveillance and investigation of the subject.

Surveillance and Countersurveillance

We provide discreet surveillance, specializing in child custody investigations. Depending on the case, surveillance may prove helpful in any of the areas in which we specialize. Electronic surveillance is becoming more common in our society. Are you protected? We also conduct countersurveillance investigations. 


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